I love D&R’s bagels!
“I love D&R's bagels, especially their egg sandwiches! Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, with gooey cheese, egg, and corned beef- you can't get any better than that. My favorite are their egg bagels! The cream cheese selection is also mouthwatering.”
Really great spot for breakfast and lunch!
“Bagels are fresh, coffee is unique and delicious! For breakfast you can get a plate of 2 eggs and hash browns for $1.75. Really great spot for breakfast and lunch! Parking is plentiful.”
Breakfast sandwiches are really great!
“Really cute bagel shop right in the Plaza. I work in the Plaza so it's nice to have such great bagels to eat when I work so early! Bagels are fantastic & breakfast sandwiches are really great too! It's inexpensive & the employees work efficiently.”

Good morning!  My coworker surprised our department this morning with a bagel breakfast (from D& R Bagels) and they are the most beautiful bagels I’ve ever seen! We were all so impressed with the assortment she put out before us. There is such an immediate quality difference between the bagels from your deli compared to what you would see from somewhere like Panera Bread. What’s more, the literal icing on the cake (bagel-cake?!) was your delectable walnut raisin cream cheese. I swear I could eat that by the bucket full!  I am a west sider, but I know that I will be making a trip to Solon soon simply for another bagel!  – Cara T.

Food Quality = 10 = great food and personally cooked to order!
Cost = 10 = very fairly priced!
Competition = there literally is none . . if you want your bagels in the area for miles, this is the only place to go.
Overall, definitely go!

Authentic bagels and delicious cream cheese in Solon.

Best bagels in Solon.

The egg salad is great!

Today, I visited their new location in the adjacent plaza and had a wonderful experience. The new location is clean and very nice looking. I bought a toasted Asiago bagel with jalapeño cream cheese. This was the best bagel I have had in years. They slathered on the cream cheese like the old Broadway Bagels did 15 years ago. I didn’t realize they serve many other breakfast items such as pancakes, French toast, and omelettes. They also serve deli sandwiches for lunch. And best of all they are open on Sundays.

My favorite breakfast place in Solon!

I love their bagels, omelettes, and turkey sandwiches!